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Become A Diver of The Realm

We invite you to become a “Diver of the Realm.” To become a “Diver of the Realm" simply purchase your Tank*, Regulator, Gauges, BCD, and Exposure Suit from Diver’s Realm. As a “Diver of the Realm” you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 10% off any additional merchandise purchases
  • 25% off rental rates
  • 25% off in house repairs
  • Priority Service
  • Half price air fills
  • 25% off Nitrox Fills
  • Supporting your local Dive Center Helps keep it going so it’s still here when you need air fills, repairs, instruction, and dive activities.

*If you don't dive locally, another item comparable in price can be substituted for the tank.

Clear Kayak - See the Underwater World Without Getting Wet!

Check out our all clear kayak. Buy now and get 35% OFF the regular price. A good way to see the underwater world without getting wet. The boat is made of lexan and comes with padded seats, kayak paddles, and more. Visit the store for complete details and to see the boat.