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2021 Quarry Cleanup at Redgranite - September 18th

Past years we've had 30+ divers and their family and friends join us to clean up Redgranite Quarry. Diver’s come from Door County, Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh, Steven’s Point and the Fox Cities areas. We are busy from about 10 AM to 4 PM. In 2007 we collected 768 pounds of garbage...our record so far. Divers fill their bags with trash while diving and bring the stuff to the surface. Matthew collects it in his “Garbage Barge” and takes it to shore. Then we weighed it. What is found in the biggest quantities are beverage containers (cans & bottles) and cigarette butts. There’s always a bunch of inflatable toys and clothing. If you or someone you know uses the quarry for summer fun - Please, dispose of your trash properly! This means putting it in a trash can - NOT Dumping it in the water!!!!! Each year we have been finding less trash. Many of the trees around the quarry have been cut down so it's easier for the Redgranite Police Dept. to patrol the area. We also like to think more people are doing a better job of picking up after themselves.

Thank You to Everyone Who Helps Out with Our Quarry Cleanup Day and to those of you who pick up trash throughout the year!!!

The Village of Redgranite provides Port-a-Potties on site. Diver’s Realm provides hot dogs, chips, and bars. Frequently divers bring bars and other snacks to share. Divers help pick trash out of the water and non-divers collect trash around the quarry. With your help we are helping keep Redgranite Quarry clean.

Thank You!!!

Our 2021 Quarry Cleanup Day Is September 18th.
Mark this day on your calendar and Help Cleanup Redgranite Quarry!!!