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Check out some of these web sites to find out more about the equipment we sell and companies we work with.

These brands are part of Huish Outdoor, also including and StahlSac. Atomic Aquatics is a full line brand with regulators, fins, masks, computers and more. Bare Wet suits makes some excellent wet and dry suits. They have warm and cold water suits in a large selection of sizes. Zeagle has excellent weight integrated BCDs and regulators.

These are the websites for the lines of scuba gear distributed by Cramer Decker Industries. Akona is primarily gear bags and wet suits (up to size 5XL) Genesis and Sherwood both have regulators, BCDs, gauges, and more. Check out Sherwood’s site for more information on the Blizzard regulator (great for cold water) and the air integrated Wisdom computer.

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If you’d like to take your camera underwater check out the products offered by Ikelite. They’ve got equipment for both film and digital camera. They also have a full line of dive lights.


PADI—The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the Training Agency we use for all of our diving instruction. PADI is international. Be recognized as a diver worldwide.

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Visit the Divers Alert Network (D.A.N.) for health and safety information about diving. DAN also provides Diving Accident and Travel Insurance to divers.